Classic Carriages All rides and services  provided by Texas Stage Line

~~ The difference in Fort Worth Carriage Companies? Twenty-TWO Years!! ~~

Luxury Horse-drawn Service to
Sundance Square, Fort Worth & North Texas since 1987

Texas Stage Line is proud to offer service to Fort Worth and all of North Texas for Classic Carriages. We are very proud of our fleet of carriages and coaches which consist of a Traditional White One Seater Vis A Vie Carriage, Cinderella Carriage, Vintage People Mover, Traditionas Silver Vis AVie, Traditional White Two Seater Vis A Vie, 1800's Concordia Stagecoach Replica and many more. We are proud to serve Sundance Square, Fort Worth Stockyards and all of Fort Worth and DFW Metroplex.

Office hours and booking times are Tuesdays thru Thursdays 10am to 4pm
Please do not leave a message.

Owner Shawna Schreckhise

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